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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Right now...

Right now...

I've been on this journey my entire life, completely unaware of it for most of it. Over the last 15 years or so I have become very aware of this journey and that I'm not supposed to just be passing through life. I started to live with intention. Living for Christ. I've been on this pursuit of freedom for years. Some days it's a slow crawl, others its a sprint. It's a journey up the mountain side, running, walking, falling, crying, on the verge of giving up, thirsty, yelling, questioning, being renewed, finding power, getting back up, time and time again.
Right now...
Right now I see a light switch, when it's flipped everything will change in an instant. I'm not stumbling around in blind darkness anymore, so flipping this switch will only make it brighter. An illumination, To see things more clearly, questions answered, questions I didn't even know I had. I feel the long pause of the quick stroke of the switch that has happened yet.
When God showed me the Red House in that vision 14 years ago, a switch was flipped, nothing could be the same. My life as I knew it leading up to that vision. My life now after seeing the Red House in person and my life in the future with the Red House. ( for information on this please see website and watch video at the bottom).
Freedom. My passionate obsession. not just freedom for me, but for all.To see people set free from the chains of their past. I find such an adrenaline rush of God's Spirit when He enters in and rescues the hurting heart.
Right now...
I sit here and see the switch has flipped and I am on this old wooden roller coaster. 
Clickity...Clackity... click... click...ratlle...
Along the old wooden frame. This slow steady journey to climb to the top.
Anticipation builds.Laughter,Fear.Excitiement. Then silence. The car rocks slowly, teetering at the top.
Right now...
I;m in this car at the top after the long slow climb of this last year. And I wait. And I wait. Untill the switch is flipped. And my life will be forever changed in this dramatic moment. With twists and turns I never saw coming. 
But I know these tracks were layed by God before the foundations of time, and in that I'm secure.

Oh Jesus here I am! Right now with eager anticipation I completely trust you on this ride, and I know when the switch is flipped and we go racing down, you are here in the seat with me on every twist and turn, and on the slow crawl back up to the top to teeter on the next edge. And I'll wait in eager anticipation and trust you on this journey with each flip of the switch as it gets brighter and brighter.
I love you Jesus. 

for more information on the Red House and fearless ministries please connect on our website

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